Driver download

Download Drivers for your 'Plug and Play' Super USB Antenna.

We have a simple Driver/Software SetUp Tutorial , if anyone have trouble installing the drivers





How to setup the Driver/Software:

  1. Download the driver of your operating system
  2. Skip to Step 6 if you have Winrar installed
  3. Since the drivers are all in zip files, you will need a software (Winrar) to open the file
  4. Download the Winrar software from the offical website
  5. Install Winrar
  6. Double click the downloaded driver
  7. Click and Install (in the zip file)
    • For Vista - SuperUSB_Vista_driver.exe
    • For win98, 2000, Xp - setup.exe
    • For Mac - SuperUSB_MAC_Driver.dmg
    • For Linux - SuperUSB-Linux.tar
  8. After installation, run the driver progarm -> WLAN configuration utlility
  9. How to Set Up Software - For Window OS User ONLY:
  10. Skip to Step 15 if WLAN configuration (managing software) is open
  11. Open start menu
  12. Go to All Programs
  13. Go to Wireless LAN card
  14. Click WLAN configuration utlility
  15. A green icon (Wireless LAN card ) will show up on the task bar
  16. Right Click it
  17. Select "Use zero configuration as configuration utlility"
  18. Now you can use the the program to manage your USB antenna
  19. Remeber to enter in any network password if exist
  20. Done ! Enjoy your USB Antenna.

Icon Guide:

  • Network Connected, Great Signal
  • Network Connected, Average Signal
  • Network Connected, Low Signal
  • Network Detected, Not Connected
    • Reason 1: Pprogram is not managing the network
    • Solution 1: Right Click Icon than select "Use zero configuration as configuration utlility"
    • Reason 2: Network is locked
    • Solution 2: Enter the password of the network
  • USB not connected to the computer, check the USB port
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