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Dear Customers:

Http://www.superpassantenna.com is the manufacturer outlet of the well-known antenna company – SuperPass, which designs, manufactures and markets its antenna product lines to world wide customers for various wireless systems and applications.

SuperPass owns a number of antenna patents and utilizes them to make low cost, small profile, high performance antennas. SuperPass has earned the great recognition from the rapid growing wireless industry by supplying its superior antennas and as well as custom designed ones.

Without antennas, wireless is dead. Our mission is to continuously be innovative in making antennas to satisfy our customers.


Contact information:
John Chen
SuperPass Company Inc.
135 Dearborn Place
Waterloo, ON, N2J 4N5 Canada
Tel: 1-519-886-5186
Fax: 1-519-886-1622
E-mail: info@superpass.com
Company Website:

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